We often get asked this question why we can determine gender at 13 weeks and your doctor waits until 20 weeks. The answer is somewhat simple. Since we are an elective 3D 4D Ultrasound facility and cash pay we can start as early as 13 weeks with great accuracy. Your normal doctor waits until 20 weeks because that is the time when they preform the anatomy scan. Insurance companies will not pay for an earlier ultrasound to preform gender. When we determine gender we always do this is 2D (Black and white) and then if you decide to get a 4D package we will switch to 3D/4D.

What Happens if you cannot determine gender at 13 weeks? If for some reason we are unable to get the gender at your fist appointment because your baby is in an awkward position we offer you to come back for FREE 1 time within 2 weeks. Generally you want to drink ALOT of water before your appointment and if you are 13-16 weeks come in with a full bladder for optimal results.

We hope you chose Baby Zoom 4D ultrasound for your next gender reveal or 4D Ultrasound.

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