We get asked this question a lot. There isn’t a bad time to come in! Many women come in 3-6 times throughout their pregnancy starting with a 2D Early gender ultrasound at 13 weeks! Then come back around 20 weeks for a 4D ultrasound. At 20 weeks your baby is small and moves around ALOT! Its so exciting to see baby moving in 4D HD Live at that size. Facial features will not be thoroughly developed yet. Around 26-28 weeks is also a great time! Facial images will start to form and baby is still small enough to move around a lot. 30-34 weeks your 3d/4d ultrasound will have full formed facial images on baby. This is the most popular time for facial images. We have clients who come from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Denver,CO Aurora, CO, Lakewood, CO Littleton, CO Colorado Springs, CO and many more places! Baby Zoom 4D Ultrasound is the leader in 3D/4D HD Live technology. Come see us today!