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Gender Reveal Ideas

When having a gender reveal party people choose Baby Zoom 4D Ultrasound and Photography because of many reasons! First we offer Early gender as early as 9 weeks via a blood test! If you do not want to do a blood test we can start as early as 13 weeks via traditional 2D/3D/4D ultrasound. If you want it to be a surprise we offer many items for sale that are unique and affordable. We have Gender reveal poppers that shoot…

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Why does my Doctor wait until 20 weeks to determine gender?

We often get asked this question why we can determine gender at 13 weeks and your doctor waits until 20 weeks. The answer is somewhat simple. Since we are an elective 3D 4D Ultrasound facility and cash pay we can start as early as 13 weeks with great accuracy. Your normal doctor waits until 20 weeks because that is the time when they preform the anatomy scan. Insurance companies will not pay for an earlier ultrasound to preform gender. When…

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4D Ultrasound Images

When you are getting a 4D HD Live ultrasound with Baby Zoom 4D we HIGHLY recommend coming prepared. You will want to drink a lot of water 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. Avoid sodas and sugary drinks the days before as well. Your 4D ultrasound will benefit greatly from this and your experience will be much greater! The more clear fluids you have the clearer the images will be. A lot of times people over look this and come…

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When is the best time to come in for 4d Ultrasound?

We get asked this question a lot. There isn't a bad time to come in! Many women come in 3-6 times throughout their pregnancy starting with a 2D Early gender ultrasound at 13 weeks! Then come back around 20 weeks for a 4D ultrasound. At 20 weeks your baby is small and moves around ALOT! Its so exciting to see baby moving in 4D HD Live at that size. Facial features will not be thoroughly developed yet. Around 26-28 weeks…

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